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I just finished refinancing my mortgage with Rate 30. I simply did a search on the Internet for low rates and Rate30 showed up in the top. Their reviews were far superior to another mortgage company with the same rate, so I went with them.

My own mortgage company, which I had for 11 years, could not match their rates even though they consistently brag about being rated the top mortgage company by J.D. Power and Associates and flood the television with commercials. No one from J.D. Power and Associates ever asked me about rating my mortgage company!

What people want is a great company with low rates. After all, the main reason to refinance is to save money. Doug assisted me at every step and made my refi painless. I highly recommend Rate30 to anyone who qualifies and really wants to save money. I was able to save over $400 a month and about $70,000. Amazing.

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Process was amazing!! I got the interest rate I was told form the beginning, the fees were actually lower than the Good Faith estimate I had received which was awesome, my monthly payment is actually lower as well and best of all we closed in less than 30 days, even though we had to do an appraisal on the property. The process was STRESS FREE!!! Mike from Rate30 is going to be my Mortgage Consultant for life. I have already referred him several people! Thanks again.

Refinance loan from Miami, FL

I had a difficult case that took longer than either me or my contacts at Rate30 probably would have liked, but in the end we were able to navigate the obstacles and jump through the hoops. I was able to get the rate that I was hoping for. Thanks to Anna and her team for helping shepherd my application through all of the way to closing!

Refinance loan from Blacksburg, VA

Easily the best mortgage experience I’ve had. I spent nearly two months in the “refinance process” with a Big Name Bank, jumping through numerous hoops and lowball appraisals. Rate30 managed to close my refinance in 30 days and I’m bringing my parents’ refinance to them as well. Give it a try… you’ll never go back to a Big Name Bank again. Thank you to Terrence and Mallory for all of their hard work! Kudos to your whole team.

Refinance loan from McKinney, TX

Would recommend Rate30 based on my experience. I was able to close in under a month from initial application.

Rate30′s rate for a no-points 15 yr fixed loan let me actually improve my already very low ARM which was at 2 7/8 %. That low rate and the very competitive closing costs are what attracted me to make an application. All the remaining steps through to closing were painless.

Michael was the Rate30 agent assigned to my refinance application for a Illinois property. Communication conducted through e-mail and phone calls was painless. Response to questions I had were always complete and very prompt. Interaction was always professional and friendly. He even found a loan program that saved me the expense of a new appraisal.

Refinance loan from Peoria, IL

I contacted Rate30 as a last ditch effort to refinance. Though my credit score, etc. were all good, I was finding the biggest institutions to be completely unworkable (seemed an endless stream of paperwork, complications and new underwriting stipulations). With that background, Rate30 was like a dream. I got highly individualized attention and advice from Jenna and the rest of the team. My process moved along seamlessly and we closed within 1 month. I could not be happier with my experience!

Refinance loan

This was my first mortgage transaction completed without having to leave the house. You can’t avoid the multitude of documents, but the process went very smoothly electronically – with a couple of brief phone conversations. I worked with Tammy. She was very helpful, and good preparation ensured there were no surprises when we closed. They actually had the (well-organized) attorney come to our home, where we wrapped it all up in 40 minutes. All we had to provide was a friendly neighbor to sign as a witness. I would definitely trust Rate30 to be on my short list the next time I’m shopping for a mortgage.

Refinance loan from Lawrenceville, GA

With low rates and closing in 30 days or less, my clients love Rate30.

Realtor from PA

My clients love the simplicity of Rate30. With a straightforward, no nonsense approach my clients can close in 30 days or less with the low rates.

Realtor from PA

Today’s home buyers want two things: the low rates and no hassles. Rate30 delivers both every time.

Realtor from PA